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Fine Dining with Nawab Style Cuisine
At Almaza, we are devoted to genuine Indian cuisine in the style of Nawab. Our recipes that are extremely mouth-watering are created by expert chefs having an in-house skills. The dining place provides live veggies and non-veggies starter barbeque dishes in endless servings, buffet -main course, broth, soups, sweets and a huge assortment of drinks that are made especially by us which cannot be experienced anywhere else.

Our devoted cooks take pleasure in creating works of art in the kitchen each day offering tastes that are perfectly balanced to improve our guests dining experience. Almaza brings the idea of a live barbeque grill and kebabs. A Worldwide Concept that this dining place provides a choice where our guests could prepare their food on personal barbecues, which are included in every table. With all exquisite styles we also offer the perfect ambience having clam and warm with a friendly atmosphere for you and for your dear ones.